What is NHBC all about?

We are delighted that you are visiting our site. It is our hope that these pages will be informative and give you a glimpse of our ministry and our beliefs. Our people are ready to welcome you, and our Pastors are ready to deliver  sound teaching from the Bible. We invite you to join us for a service.

So what is NHBC like?

There is a lot that we could say but here are few main points that we find interest most people:
  1. We really are a friendly and loving group of believers. Our church while based in Sherwood is composed of families from all over Central Arkansas including, North Little Rock, Cabot, Jacksonville, Gravel Ridge, Little Rock, etc. People choose to join with us because we Welcome new members, welcome the un-churched, love unconditionally, and support each other in our walk.
  2. We still focus on the TRUE word of GOD! You will not get sugar coated messages here at North Hills, our Pastors bring Biblically sound sermons and teachings.
  3. We are Family Friendly! Our ministry has a space for everyone at any age. From New born to Senior citizen we have classes, small groups, and activities for everyone.
  4. We are a come as you are church. We do not care what you wear, or how you get here. We only care that you are here and ready to learn about Jesus. You can wear what you feel is appropriate.
  5. We have great resources. NHBC is a dual association church holding both memberships in the Baptist Missionary Association and the Southern Baptist Convention. We are also members of the local North Pulaski Baptist Association so we have access to trainings, activities, and resources to not only help our church but to help our people.

Again we thank you for visiting our site and we truly hope that you will come to experience North Hills for yourself! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.